Complaint regarding the arrest and interview of Roger

On Roger's behalf in 2005 a complaint was made against the officers involved in his arrest and interview. This complaint related to the conduct of the police officers in relation to his arrest and recording of private meetings with his legal team.

The complaint is that Roger and his legal team were placed in a room containing audio and video recording equipment to hold private legal consultations.  They were refused a request to be moved to another room without such equipment.

Following repeated assurances the equipment would not be operational during private meetings Roger and his legal team held their consultations.

Since the arrest the investigating officers have confirmed that one of the consultations was in fact recorded without knowledges or consent of Roger or his legal team.

Further concerns are raised that additional consultations were recorded by the investigating officers without consent.

The complaint raised with the Independent Police Complaints Commission was referred to Hertfordshire Constabulary to initially investigate. As Roger’s trial case was yet to be heard at the time, Hertfordshire Constabulary would not consider the complaint until the case was concluded.

On 28 October 2005 Hertfordshire Constabulary finally issued their complaint investigation findings:


As it was felt the investigation had not been conducted in a fair and impartial way, an appeal was registered with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

By early February 2006 a reply had not been received and a chaser letter was sent. Unfortunately, it appears that the original appeal letter had been misplaced, so a copy was sent.

Following numerous calls to the IPCC they sent the following letter:


final outcome of the complaint is that they considered the complaint out of time but confirmed that the complaint would NOT have succeeded. This reply would imply that they have considered the case but would not pass formal judgement on the evidence.  We will leave it to you to decide why this may be the case.